Benefits of Using

Outsourcing is a strategic move to improve the quality and flexibility of your workforce while improving your organization’s ability to accommodate change and stay ahead of ever changing market. Today, many companies are outsourcing many of their non-core value functions. The benefits of outsourcing effect owners, executives, management and employees.  Many times outsouring substantiates cost savings, gives access to highly skilled professionals and offers advance technology. These collectively result in a sustainable competitive advantage to our clients.  

Benfits to Owners & Executives

    • Reduce Liability:  A single poorly handled employee incident can imperil your entire organization. Issues from wrongful termination to a hostile workplace need never be an issue in an organization that is doing all the little things necessary to prevent them. The problem is that many organizations are not aware of their responsibilities and this can lead to disaster. Our clients sleep well at night knowing that these things are being professionally handled.
    • Increase Employee Productivity:   GPS implements strategic performance and talent management plans for every employee in your organization which are aligned with your business goals. We then put systems in place to monitor, report and review the performance of each member of your team. Employees appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them and will rise to the necessary standards when they are aware their performance is being measured and reviewed.
    • Decrease Total Cost of Labor:  GPS will analyze your entire cost of labor to include; administration, benefits, worker’ compensation administration, Human Resource, recruitment, performance management, quality assurance, talent management, training and development, sucession, and career development and find the places where your organization could be more efficient. Depending on the size of your firm, that could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in savings.
    • Increase Profits:  GPS’s strategic human resources and backoffice solutions lower your overall cost of labor and our performance plans and metrics mean your entire organization will be operating at higher levels of output.
    • Strategic Decision Making: Making good decisions requires good information. Our online systems usually make process and procedure task much easier for our clients as they implement strategic processes. 
    • Reduce Turnover: One of the biggest hits to your productivity and profitability is employee turnover. Keeping good employees happy doesn’t happen by accident. It is planned! Our clients benefit from thoroughly planned and proven Administration that dramatically reduces turnover. From recruiting the best people, designing effective compensation plans, having regular performance reviews, training and development programs.
    • Focus on the BusinessGPS handles many HR and Backoffice functions therefore freeing you up to focus on growing your business.
    • Knowledgeable Talent Aquisition:  GPS has the "best-in-breed" recruiters that can source talent on your behalf.  


Benefits to HR Executives 

    • Focus on People:  You got into human resources because of your dedication to your employees. But over time you spend more and more of your time on paperwork. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our proven systems reduce the paperwork dramatically allowing you to get back to what matters – your employees.  As well as need SME advice, you've come to the right place.  
    • Reduce Workload:  Imagine what your career would be like if you could eliminate or dramatically reduce the paperwork. You would have more time to focus strategically, instead of stomping out fires. Our web based HRIS system includes full employee self-service functionality. Your employees can access payroll records, W-2s, benefits plans, performance reviews, company policies and more any time of the day or night securely over the Web. How much time would that save you every day?  As well as our compliance portal offers State and Federal law compliance for United States to date.  Additionally, our recruiters can help you source talent through our proven systems.    
    • Data Driven Management: We provide recruitment, HRIS, performance and project management reliable reports specifically designed to keep you informed of all information critical to doing your job. Good information is critical to making good decisions.
    • Eliminate Some Administrative Burden:  Are the certain aspects of HR that you just don’t like? COBRA? FMLA? Regulatory compliance? Contractor’s compliance? We handle the complexity of  your administrative burdens. 

Benefits to the Employee

    • Benefits Plans:  Most of the benefits plan design and administration through our Benefits Agent provides enhanced benefits to your employees without significantly increasing costs. An attractive benefit and compensation plan is crucial to attracting the best people.
    • Clear Expectations: Employees truly appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them. When communication between management and staff is clear, everyone benefits.  We support this vision by working closely with Management. 
    • 24-Hour Access To Records: Your employees will appreciate being able to access important data online securely any time of the day or night. They can see their own personal profiles, learning and development resources and more.
    • A Better Workplace:  With compensation, coaching, incentive programs and a great culture in place, the employee will view the workplace as a friendly and rewarding place to work. Employees who love their job and their company have excellent retention and are more productive.