Management & Team

Genesis Professional Solutions, LLC., has "Best in Breed" Senior HR Adviser's that ensure current best practices in HR and Employee Relations Technology Solutions for our customers.  Many GPS Senior HR Adviser's are leaders or former senior staff in Government, Healthcare, Project Management, College Systems, Human Resource, Talent Aquisition Management, Training, Coaching, Multi Discipline Security Expert, Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. As We've administered work within the U.S. Veterans Administration, Bexar County, Ball Areo Space, SBC, WorldCom, Ameritech, General Dynamic, United Healthcare, USAA, Belcon and various other organizations. 

At Genesis we've had the privilege to serve as a subcontractor in the following arenas administratively:  Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Services, Department of the Army, Department of the Air Force, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, USMEPSCOM, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives National Laboratory Center, NASA, U.S. Veteran Administration, SAWS and the City of San Antonio.   

Consultation is a full life-cycle that we carry out with the integration of senior advisors, proven processes and analytical support tools we support our customer’s missions and vision. We implement key decision makers (values, concerns, issues and understandings) through constant collaboration. Everything implemented is kept confidential and all recommendations are capable of achieving.