Human Resource Outsourcing

The following are just a few of the areas which an alliance with the Genesis Professional Solutions can contribute to a focused and successful infrastructure for any business.   

We offer the most holistic and cost-effective way to augment the business impact of your operation's performance and total profitability.  We help our clients obtain and maintain a satisfied workforce. Rather than a company recruiting their own administrative support we become an outsourced partner in the following areas: Human Resources, Peronnel Temporary Support, Worker Compensation Administration, Unemployment Administration, Recruitment, Training, Coaching, Compensation Analysis, Diversity and/or Affirmative Action Planning. There is no co-employment relationship involved within this type of alliance.  Our team of Project Managers can help facilitate the implentation of most government or commercial contact opportunities or help support existing companies with sound Human Resource advisory.  Most of our consulting team members have a plethora of experience as follows: previous government contracting knowledge, veterans, logistics knowledge, security/intelligence, healthcare, financial advisers, US and international recruitment knowledge, international human resource knowledge and entrepreneurs.  Many are certified and/or have Masters and PhD's in their competency. 

Services Offered